Wholesale Products for Your Taxidermy Shop

When a client brings a trophy to your shop in less-than-ideal condition, a replacement cape is often necessary. When this happens, turn to our wholesale tannery. Our company has been providing taxidermists with replacement capes for more than a decade. We do both wet and dry tanning for all your taxidermy needs.

Professionally Tanned Pelts for Hunting Enthusiasts

At East Coast Taxidermy, we understand the hard work you have put into capturing your prized trophy. However, for various reasons, you may not be able to use the original skin or hide. In this case, buy replacements from us. We put our best efforts into making beautiful, realistic skins for deer, bears, foxes, and more.

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Order a replacement cape for your trophies now. We offer same-day shipping and accept all major credit cards. You can also email us at [email protected] for more information about our services.