Taxidermy Grade capes, hides, and life size skins

Intro to Taxidermy Class



This class is for that person or persons that always wanted to get into taxidermy but never had the training or time to go to school for taxidermy. This Class is a one day class that the student will be mounting an open mouth wild boar or black bear. You will learn how to assemble a top notch high quality mount.  We set this class up for the student NOT TO FAIL. It is easy to get discouraged in the taxidermy field, this class will boost your confidence and help you to decide if you would like to further your career in the taxidermy field. We start you out with a boar or a bear because these are 2 of the easiest mammals to learn on. You will get a fully prepped and tanned skin to mount on an open mouth detailed jawset form. With the highest quality materials that our industry offers you will be set up to succeed on your first mount. The days that the class is being offered have not be determined yet.


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