Whole dermestide beetle colony
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This is a whole colony of flesh eating beetles. This package includes  a broken freezer (closed freezer pic is actual freezer, the picture of the open one is not) which is about 32X20x30" with sealed vents , a thermometer, and a sealed heater. We wont blow smoke up your arse and tell you that there are X amount of beetles that would be impossible to figure out. But we will tell you that there is at least 1 gallon bucket of creepy crawly dermestids and about a GILJILLION eggs and larvae. This colony will eat a fox/coyote in 1 day and a deer head in 2 days. This must be picked up at out Telford Pa. location. It is advised to bring a pickup truck and have a generator when picking up. Please allow 2-3 days before picking up. 

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Whole dermestide beetle colony

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